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BADA® Stainless Steel Custom Line
BADA also designs and builds solutions to meet client’s individual challenges. The equipment is constructed to the same exacting standards as the rest of the BADA range.

  •   100% stainless steel
  •   Robust construction
  •   Hygienic design
  •   Totally pressure washable
  •   Easy, simple charging

  •   No mild steel, anodised or epoxy coated components
  •   IP65 protection as a minimum
  •   In-machine charging
  •   Side battery extraction
  •   Food grade hydraulic oil NSF-H1
  •   Coldstore protection down to -20°C

Some examples are shown here of interesting applications

Rack lifter with top stabilising grab
Safely transports and lifts tall racks that are inherently unstable due to their height and weight.

Barrel or drum hoist and rotator
Securely transports, lifts and tips round containers such as pickle drums or barrels.

Film or paper roll lifter
Simplifies lifting and positioning of heavy and awkward rolls of packaging film or paper.

Wide Stacker
For lifting pallets or bins where wrap over forks are not appropriate, e.g. where there are floor level runners on all four sides or where the stacker construction has to straddle the width of a rack or machine.