Shareteq - Potato Processing, Carrot Processing, Meat Processing, Fish Processing
From our principal, Select GmbH, we provide the most accurate optical colour sorters available for whole products, such as potatoes and carrots, or for cut products such as dices and slices. Select’s unrivalled knowledge and experience of applying vision technology to food products means it is ideally placed to solve your quality sorting challenges.
Quality sorting of large, whole products such as potatoes, carrots or onions is a very difficult task for conventional, belt type colour sorters because of accuracy limitations in their vision and ejection systems.

The Arcus is designed specifically for whole products and is very successful in many peeled potato applications where labour costs are reduced and yields increased, in combination with re-peeling.

This remarkable performance is due to its unique 360° vision chamber which ensures the cameras see the entire surface of each piece in great detail, with a pixel size of 0.18mm2. The large colour touch screen with “live” product and defect imaging, backed up by remote assistance, makes operation very simple.

A well as peeled potatoes, the Arcus is used very successfully for sorting unpeeled potatoes, carrots, onions and beetroot.

  •   Unrivalled sorting accuracy
  •   Ultra fast rejection system
  •   Three quality grades as standard
  •   Size grading as standard
  •   Easy set up and operation with remote assistance
  •   Very low maintenance

  •   Automatic product singulation
  •   360° product vision, pixel size 0.18mm2
  •   Bi-chromatic lighting increasing camera accuracy
  •   Patented ‘finger wheel’ rejection system
  •   Large full colour touch screen
  •   “Live” imaging of products and defects
  •   Remote diagnosis and assistance via VPN