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The final part of any food process is the preservation of the product to maintain its highest quality until it is consumed.  Limas produces two systems by which chilled products can be preserved, the choice of which depends on the required shelf-life and the end-user market. For short shelf-life fresh peeled potatoes – the Limas Combi-Wash. For pre-cooked and chilled, vacuumed packed vegetables – Limas Rapid Cook & Chill system.
The Limas Combi-Wash is a unique, innovative end-of-line treatment system for whole-peeled, halved or quartered potatoes which dramatically reduces sulphite use and extends shelf-life.

By thoroughly washing the peeled or cut surfaces, the components that cause the discolouration reaction are largely removed, drastically reducing the sulphite required and extending shelf-life.

Combi-Wash users regularly report residual sulphite levels below 10ppm.

The Combi-Wash achieves this in a controlled, reliable process that minimises the water requirement. It is rapidly replacing traditional, static-solution dipping methods because it is cleaner, less harmful, more controllable and reliable.

  •   Longer, reliable shelf life
  •   Lower sulphite usage – and cost!
  •   Little or no residual sulphite
  •   Cleaner end product
  •   Maintains a high biological integrity
  •   Low maintenance

  •   Contra-flow washing in 3 steps
  •   Controlled washing and dipping times from digital panel
  •   Accurate low-level sulphite dosing from premix tank
  •   Venturi-meter water flow measurement
  •   Needle valve water flow control
  •   Capacities between 2000 - 4000kg/hr
Limas Combi-Wash
Limas Combi-Wash