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When producing a chilled potato product, it is necessary at some point in the process to
cool the potatoes down from their peeling temperature. This is done most effectively by submerging them for a sufficient lenght of time in chilled water maintained at 1° – 2°C.
The product itself can be held in the Limas holding tanks, or in a cooling auger, but the water has to be continually chilled by recirculation through a heat exchanger.

Limas produces a simple but effective system that not only chills the water but also filters debris from it and provides a balance tank in which water displaced by the product can be held. This prevents unnecessary loss of chilled water from the system and provides rapid refilling of the holding tanks as required.

  •   Automatically balances the chilled water level
  •   Filters and recirculates the water through a heat exchanger
  •   Periodically removes high starch concentration
  •   Easy-clean design
  •   Sturdy construction

  •   Balance tank with level control
  •   Filter with cleaning scraper
  •   Heat exchanger for glycol based cooling medium
  •   Peristaltic pump for starch removal
In-Process Cooling